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HKFW 20th Anniversary cum
16th Anniversary of HKSAR Celebration Banquet

The final event in the form of a Gala Dinner to celebrate our 20th Anniversary of the federation was held on July 6 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. It also served the purpose of celebrating the 16th Anniversary of the return of the sovereignty of Hong Kong to China. Around a thousand celebrities and VIPs from the commercial, industirial and political sectors, artists, woman leaders and HKFW members attended the dinner.

At his address, the Guest of Honour, Mr. C.Y. Leung, Chief Executive of the HKSAR praised the work of the Federation during the last twenty years and extended recognition to the contributions which women of Hong Kong have made to the social development of the Hong Kong society. He pointed out that in the past ten years, the ratio of women taking up managerial, executive and professional positions has increased by 6.5% and 7.7% respectively; and the rate with which women participation at government consultation and legal councils has increased from 21% in 2002 to 33% in 2012. The ˇ§Steering Committee on Population Policyˇ¨ is also exploring the possibility of using friendly family measures to attract and foster more women to re-join the work force, providing the opportunity for women to make better career choices.

As of today, the Federation has increased its membership, since its established, from 200 charter members to 1,600 and corporate membersfrom around 10 to 66,constituting to a membership of over 100,000. In her welcoming speech, Mrs. Peggy Lam, founding Chairperson of HKFW, recalled the reason why the Federation was set up. Realizing that the Immigration Policy of the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration would cause immigration rush and subsequent problems that would follow, Mrs. Lam gathered 10 best friends: Annie Wu, Rita Fan, Elsie Leung, Veronica Wu, Liu Kong Ai Kyeu, Tsang Wong Lei Kuan, Nellie Fong, Fei Fih, Chan Yuen Han and Marina Wong and established the Hong Kong Federation of Women (HKFW) within six months in 1993. In the past 20 years, the Federation has banded together women of excellence from all sectors to become mindful of the affairs of Hong Kong, to protect womenˇ¦s right, to contribute significantly to the growth and development of Hong Kong. It ran many major events for the society such as the participation of 300 members at the 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing, the annual celebration on the return of the sovereignty of Hong Kong to China, the gala dinners to celebrate National Day and the seminar on the exchange of ideas between the Chief Executive Mr. C.Y. Leung and women organizations on women affairs.These characteristic and pioneering events had aroused muchresponse, had received much media coverage and positive response. Mrs. Lam announced that the Federation has reached its first milestone. It will continue to actively train young lady leaders, unite women organizations in Hong Kong to support the administration of the HKSAR Government so as to create a better Hong Kong. At the same time, the Federation will strengthen global cultural exchange with international women organizations and to lead the women of Hong Kong to face the World.

The success of the "Hong Kong Women of Excellence in the Six Arts" gave confidence to the Federation to organize more cultural and art activities. The HKFW Orchestra, Choir and Drama will be formed to promote the cultural and art of Hong Kong.

At the dinner, the lucky draw had aroused much excitement and the performance and entertainment of Maria Cordero led the atmosphere to a climax.

HKFW would like to express its sincerest thanks to all individuals and parties concerned for their great support to this event.

Donation of "Postal Parcels for Mothers"
to the earthquake victims of Yaan, Sichaun



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