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Hong Kong Women of Excellence in the Six Arts Award Presentation Ceremony

In Hong Kong, a fast developing cosmopolitan city, the seed of cultural aspirations has been gradually planted in the hearts of its people. Inkeeping up with the growing demand of promoting Art Culture in Hong Kong, women have taken up more active and leading roles in the field of Arts. To enhance this promotion, the first ever “Hong Kong Women of Excellence in the Six Arts” Award was initiated by the Hong Kong Federation of Women (HKFW) as an important part of their 20th Anniversary Celebration. 20 outstanding Hong Kong women who excel in the modern “Six Arts” and who have made a lasting impact on Hong Kong society thus sending inspiration to many others have been honoured.

The ancient Six Arts (liu yi) have been deeply rooted in our Chinese History. The Federation has transformed these ancient Six Arts into the modern Six Arts, that is: “Literary Arts, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Film and Television Arts, Musical Arts, and Physical Arts.”The 20 honorees were nominated and selected by a panel consisting of highly respected members in their respective Art fields The Award aims to recognize and honour women who have made significant contributions to Art in Hong Kong and are role models for the younger generation of Hong Kong. The award presentation ceremony was held in the HKFW 20th Anniversary cum 16th Anniversary of HKSAR Celebration Banquet and the awards were presented by Mr. C.Y. Leung, Chief Executive of the HKSAR.



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