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The Hong Kong Federation of Women (HKFW), founded by charter chairperson Dr. Peggy Lam and 10 other prominent ladies, was established on 28 June 1993. The Federation is a non-profit making and non-political organization. The main objectives of which are to unite women from all walks of life, to encourage them taking an active interest in Hong Kong affairs, to improve and protect the lawful rights of women and to liaise with women organizations all over the world.

Members of the Federation come from various levels, occupations, races, and districts in Hong Kong. Amongst members are business women, professionals, workers and housewives as well as those who are fervent in women development and advancement. The membership of the Federation is over 2,000, with 85 corporate members from all over Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. Total membership of these organizations exceeds 100,000.

With the support and active participation of the Council and its members, the Federation organizes over 100 projects, activities and services annually. These include co-organize major celebrations for the National Day and HKSAR Anniversary with women’s organizations, organize exhibitions, seminars, youth leadership training programme, “Family Health Month” programme, etc. In recent years, the Federation has also launched several first-of-its-kind initiatives such as organized the Hong Kong Women of Excellence in the Six Arts Award and found the first all-female orchestra in Hong Kong.   

The Federation has also been dedicated to serve the community over the years. Position papers on government policies and community issues have been submitted to advocate women's opinions and views on public issues. Our Honorary Presidents have also subsidized local women associations to set up several services centres in the community to provide training courses organized with the Employees Retraining Board.

To cater for the educational needs of women and children in the Mainland, 24 vocational training schools and four clinics were built in the mountainous areas. Mother water wells in Inner Mongolia and five vehicles were donated for the benefit of women and youth in northwestern China.

Going forward, the Federation will continue to tap on the valuable resources, talents and potentials of its members, to solicit their contributions and participation to strive for excellence and for the betterment and harmony of the Hong Kong society.

Membership as of November, 2021:

* Senior Hon. Presidents 10 
* Honorary Presidents 120
*Honorary Vice Presidents 99
* Voting Members 347
* Ordinary Members 1859
* Corporate Members 68
* Associate Corporate Member 17
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1. To unite women from all walks of life in Hong Kong to be concerned about Hong Kong affairs for the purpose of maintaining the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.
2. To improve and protect the lawful rights and status of women, to ensure equality of men and women, to encourage and support women in their concern and participation in social development and to improve their political, economic, legal and social position.
3. To enhance the standard and training of women and to promote the development of the five perceptions in women, namely, virtue, wisdom, physical well-being, fraternity and aesthetics and to promote their self-confidence and self-support.
4. To liaise with women's organizations in China and elsewhere in the world, to establish exchanges and friendly relations with them on the basis of mutual respect and equality.
5. To study women's issues, to organize and participate in conferences, lectures, seminars, to publish/distribute materials/information on women's rights and issues in any newspapers periodicals, books or leaflets and/or in any electronic media, to provide information and consultation services.
6. To organize recreational and other activities for women.
7. To promote children's health and education related welfare, realizing that they form an essential part of women's well-being.
8. To provide charitable and community services that the Federation may think desirable to do so.
9. To carry on activities conducive to the above.


Please forward inquiries to: Hong Kong Federation of Women Limited
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