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Affiliated to the Hong Kong Federation of Women (HKFW), the HKFW Entrepreneurs Committee (HKFWEC) was established in October 2001. The objectives, scope of work and services of the Committee are:

  1. To promote exchange and co-operation with local and cross-strait women entrepreneurs, to advance career development of women by uniting Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and international women entrepreneurs;
  2. To enhance the status of women entrepreneurs in the economic, political and wider arenas by encouraging Hong Kong women entrepreneurs to upgrade and empower themselves and to fulfil their social responsibilities.

Pre-requisites to HKFWEC Membership:

  1. Member of HKFW;
  2. Member of the senior management of an organization / company with recognized achievements;
  3. Person with good morals and social standing;
  4. Sponsored by the HKFW Council or by 2 members of the HKFWEC (one of whom must be a Standing Committee Member); and
  5. Membership approved by of the HKFWEC Standing Committee.
»@To commemorate the 10th Anniversary of HKSAR, the Entrepreneurs Committee had co-organized with Qin Jia Yuan the Grand Anniversary Gala Premiere of the movie "Wonder Woman" in both Beijing and Hong Kong.
»@Madam Gu XiuLian, Vice Chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the NPC of China (middle) was invited to officiate the Gala Premiere ceremony.
»@HKFW Entrepreneurs Committee was invited to visit the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as guests of HRH Princess Loulwah Al-Faisal (middle) to enhance friendship exchange.
»@HKFWEC hosted a tea party at the "Asia Pacific Women Forum 2009" with aimed to strengthen the networking between Hong Kong and Asia Pacific women entrepreneurs.
»@HKFW Entrepreneurs Committee co-organized the annual "Leaders' Talk Series" with Hong Kong Central Library for participants to share experience with successful leaders.
»@The Entrepreneurs Committee was responsible for the reception of visitors from the China Association of Women Entrepreneurs.
»@Ms. Annie Tam, J.P., Director of Lands Department (front middle), was invited to a lunch meeting to speak on the work of the HK Lands Department.

» Download: HKFW Women Entrepreneurs Committee Leaflet

» Download: Members of HKFW Women Entrepreneurs Committee


Please forward inquiries to: Hong Kong Federation of Women Limited
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