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Hong Kong Federation of Women

Mission Statement
Declared in The 6th East Asian Women Forum

The Hong Kong Federation of Women (HKFW) was established in 1993. The main objectives of which are to unite women from all walks of live to take part in Hong Kong・s affairs, to improve and protect the lawful rights of women and to contribute to the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. HKFW has also successfully united women from all sectors to attend the 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing. To meet our objectives, a wide range of activities and services have been organized in presenting the views of women, upgrading their quality and enhancing gender equality. Moreover, HKFW has put great efforts in leadership development among women and youth. By exploring their inner potential and broadening their international vision, we could achieve with the ultimate goal of nurturing our future leaders.

In response to the main theme of the Forum, HKFW is pleased to announce our mission:

  • Eliminating the political discrimination against women and seizing every opportunity of social, political and economic decision making;

  • Promoting education for women and eliminating prejudiced views and discrimination against women, consequently achieving a harmonious society;

  • Strengthening the central mechanism in raising women・s status by carrying out gender mainstreaming and public education on women issues;

  • Striving for equal treatment under domestic law and providing mediation service to allow family conflicts to be resolved in a cordial environment;

  • Protecting gender equality in the labor market, encouraging .family friendly・ policy for balancing work and family, and recognizing the economic value of .no paid・ job provided by housewives.

Congratulations for a successful Forum!

Peggy Lam, GBS, OBE, JP HKFW Chairperson

18 July 2006



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