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360¢X Leadership Development Workshop for Women -
Graduation Ceremony

The 360¢XLeadership Development Workshop was organized and run by the HKFW, sponsored by the Women¡¦s Commission. This was a 53 hour training programme presenting 15 training course, the aim of which was to provide training to female leaders. A serious of diversified leadership training courses was conducted, i.e. administration and government system in Hong Kong, environmental policy, leadership technique, interpersonal relationship, presentation skills, organization skills, microbusiness set up, sharing by successful women. Visits to various community services, food banks and the Legislative Council facilitated further understanding of how harmony in the society could be achieved. 89 women from over 40 Non-government organizations participated in the workshop and graduated.

The Graduation Ceremony was officiated by Madam Liao Xun, Deputy Director- General, Coordination Department, Liaison Office of the Central People¡¦s Government in the HKSAR.At her welcoming Speech, Chairperson Mrs. Peggy Lam expressed that it had been a tradition that the Chinese Women had always put caring of family and friends before their own welfare and being. Thus it should be such that more appropriate activities and trainings should be provided so as to enhance women¡¦s self-confidence, independence and ability to improve their quality of living, to advance their social status in return for their contribution to the society. She believed that the workshop had laid a solid foundation for the leadership training of outstanding women and had realized HKFW¡¦s wish of training the leaders of to-morrow, empowering them so that they can better serve Hong Kong.

Madam Liao encouraged the graduated student to learn more and to strengthen their ability, and participate more in social activities. She remarked that both housewives and working ladies had to find time to learn, to make use of their attributes and special characters. From promoting social services, they could continue to learn and to elevate themselves. When facing different difficult problems, they would then be able to solve the problems with wisdom and ease. During it all, women would have to communicate and liaise with women in mainland for more effective and efficient outcome.

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